Common Signs Of Pest Infestation

Pests are among the most dangerous organisms to have within your house. They not only cause destructions, but they also pose a real threat to your family’s health. Thus, it is imperative to hire a pest exterminator the moment you note of any sign of pest infestation. The following are major indicators of pest infestation.

Daytime visits


Most pests are nocturnal. Therefore, it is rare to find pests running up and down during the day. In case, you note one or two; this should tell you that there are others that you have not seen. Thus, get to Bellator Pest Control before it becomes difficult to do eradicate them.

Scratching noises

This is another sign that calls for the services of a pest exterminator. In case you notice strange sounds at night, it is likely that they are rodents or other huge pests in your home. It is at this time when mice will be busy looking for something to eat. In the event they miss something to feed on, the next thing to run to is some of your precious documents. Thus, once you hear scratching sounds an night, do not be hesitant to hire pest infestation services.


Another way to know pests have infested your house is through noticing some droppings. It is easy to identify a rodent was around as their droppings are visible. On the other hand, it may be hard to track insect’s droppings. You have to be keen and conduct frequent clean ups, especially on walls and window panes.

Strange smells

The moment you start having fowl smells around your home; it could mean that pests have found shelter in your house. Some pests might have died in inaccessible areas. Also, some insect infestations could also result to strange smells. However, this can easily be noticed in small houses. Massive insect infestations could also lead to strange smells even in big houses. However, you have to be keen to notice this.


SdSDsszdThis is another common indicator of pest infestation. Some bugs like mosquitoes depend on human blood for survival. Also, some will find shelter in beddings a good example of such a pest is the bedbug. Bedbugs will always appear at night thus noticing them may be hard. One way to tell that these organisms are present is when you start seeing some red itchy marks along your body.

In case, you notice any of these signs; it is high time you considered having the services of a pest exterminator.