How Do You Get Rid of Lice?


Finding lice on your child’s head could be really embarrassing. Head Lice Infestations are common in school going children. In fact, a study from NYDA on head lice treatment revealed that nearly 1.78 million children are missing about 2.7 million days per year from school due to lice infestation.


In addition, these bugs have evolved over a millennium so getting rid of them could be tricky. Now, the real question is how do you get rid of lice? Follow the following instructions on how to get rid of these bugs.

Lice Treatment

Using a pediculicide is the best way to fight head lice. Some of them are made to kill both lice and the egg. Have the person seated in a bathroom, apply the treatment on the scalp, and leave it for an hour. Also, do not leave the mixture for long unless recommended. Lastly, wash out the treatment and do not apply any shampoo.

Comb Out Lice

No matter what lice treatment product you use, combing is the key. Thus, brush your hair section by section to remove the lice. Always keep in mind that you cannot get rid of them until you have picked the last one.


An active ingredient from chrysanthemum flowers comes in over the counter products. It attacks the nervous system of lice but sometimes does not work as lice become resistant to this toxin over a period. Apply the product to dry hair and wait for 10 minutes.

Olive Oil

asdasdasThis kitchen staple is believed to be one of the smothering agents. Lice get suffocated and then eventually die when the oil plugs their breathing holes. It needs to be applied overnight with a shower cap because lice can survive without breathing for hours. You have to comb, and that becomes easier because olive oil helps loosen them from the shafts.


Years ago, people had a belief that lice can infest the whole house. For this reason, it is necessary to clean the entire house to get rid of lice. With time, it is found that lice cannot live more than a day off the scalp, so you do not have to sterilize the whole house. Instead, clean items that are in direct contact with infected members.


This is another effective and cheap way to loosen the nits. Some people believe that female louse attaches the eggs to shafts with a sticky glue and vinegar helps to dissolve that. Mix a half cup of water with apple cider vinegar and pour it over the scalp. Use a nit comb to remove the nits. White vinegar should also work.…