Quality of Life

Over the last years, Quality of life issues have become more and more of interest to the Canadian Forces. Indeed, “Improving the quality of life of our Canadian Forces’ members and families” is one of the National Defence top priorities. Concurrently, Military Family Resource Centres were giving the mandate to enhance the quality of all aspects of military family life by providing information, organising workshops and sponsoring preventive support groups.

Goals of the MFRC-NCR’s Quality of Life Programs:

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle when faced with a difficult situation can be strenuous. We need to prevent these situations when possible by working on our personnel well being. And we do so by working on ourselves, by developing new skills and by investing in our community. Hence, the MFRC-NCR’s goal is to offer programs that will help us maintain a balanced life and, therefore, cope more easily with whatever challenges comes our way. In addition, we wish to reduce the sense of isolation that can be predominant with the Military Lifestyle, thus giving families a sense of continuity from posting to posting. And, finally, we hope to develop a sense of ownership in the community towards MFRC programs and services.

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