Employment Assistance

Programs and Services

We coach and support civilian spouses and youth seeking jobs or developing careers, through a variety of programs, services and resources. We provide:

One-on-one counselling
A Career Resource Library
Job Posting Boards
Self-instruction tools, e.g. computer skills
Internet/Employer job posting sites
Referrals to community programs, services and schools
Access to employer information
Introduction to the internet/computers/software
Job Finding Club
Working Together

As partners in the process, we are committed to providing you with strategic advice and information specific to your situation. We work together in confidentiality by appointment at reasonable times, and we are flexible on the choice of location.

It’s Up to You!

Your job search or career development plan is up to you. You will decide what you seek, where to target your efforts and do what is required to secure employment. When you need support and encouragement your Employment Assistance Coordinator will be there to support you.

Plan! Prepare! Implement! You will find a job!