Deployment Services

Support for families located in the NCR is provided to Regular as well as Reserve personnel undergoing deployment within the country or overseas. The role of the Deployment Services Coordinator, at the MFRC-NCR, is to answer the needs of families affected by this difficult situation.

To meet the challenge of reaching out to families of individual Regular and Reserve Force members being tasked – as opposed to whole units deployed at one time – a network of trained Peer Helpers has been established. In addition, workshops are offered to couples in order to prepare them to cope with the effects of separation and reunification generated by Service requirements, on family members.

Through regular presentations made to Reserve Units, personnel are made aware of all the MFRC-NCR services their families can access during their absence. In an effort to ease up the stress endured by our families, a close collaboration between military units, the peer helper network and the Deployment Services Coordinator is necessary.

Have a look at our site on the effects of deployment, you will also find some other links on the subject that we have put together for you.

Are you interested in assisting families of your community while a family member is deployed? Please contact Lynne Major at 991-4977.